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Our Mission

My Bruises Are From exists to help raise awareness and funds for domestic violence shelters. Our goal is to break through the social stigma preventing survivors from getting help, while providing funds to organizations that help rebuild lives.

Show your support by purchasing gear to spread awareness, consider joining our Ambassador group, or host a charity event at your academy. All proceeds go to domestic violence shelters and other supporting organizations.

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3 Ways YOU Can Get Involved

Chances are, you know and train with a survivor

Only after starting the charity effort, did I learn of training partners who had survived abusive relationships. I had never asked why they trained in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. About a year later, I finally realized my own story & connection to the cause.

1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men are affected by domestic violence

He Paid for Our Drinks, But Didn’t Say a Word…

How many times has someone noticed your training bruises, perhaps given a sideways glance... but never said a word?

This is what happened to me when a man at a gas station noticed my grip bruises and slight "natural eyeliner." When I reached the counter, the cashier said, "Honey, he already paid for your drinks and said to please 'just take care of yourself and your boys.'" I didn't figure it out until he already had exited the building, gotten in his truck, and driven away without speaking a word to me.

I thought about a lot of things on my way home that day, but what stuck with me most was how he didn't say anything. Why? Despite the statistics showing how many people are affected by domestic violence, most are uncomfortable talking about it.

We aim to break through this barrier and create a culture where it's okay to ask where you got your bruises, and to offer real help.

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The effort, started in Ohio in October of 2015, has already reached across the United States and to Brazil, New Zealand, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and Australia.

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